The "price list" shown here is for informational purposes only. Our only goal is to give an insight into our prices. We can give you an exact written offer after a professional diagnosis!
Our prices apply to patients with a valid Hungarian social security number!
Our clinic is connected to various health insurance companies (Tempo, MKB, K&H, ... etc.), Please inquire about the possibilities in our clinic!

Anamnesis, status registration / Out of order time, weekend medical fee 5.500.-
Dental examination (focal examination, anesthesia examination, quotation) / Consultation with Ct analysis 8.500.-/10.500.-
Orthodontic examination (dg preparation, mold taking, discussion of specific treatment, OP + Tele x-ray / CT + Tele x-ray) 25.000.-/32.000.-
Dental x-ray:
Dental X-ray “small” (intraor / piece) control recording 3.000.-/ 3.500.-
Dental X-ray. recording - skull, OPT "big" 10.000.-
CT examination 18.500.-
Light binding white filling (surfaces 1./2./3. expanded) 14.500.-/16.500.-/18.500.-/23.500.-
Advanced layer technique 32.500.-
INLAY/ONLAY (one surface, multiple surfaces,) + gold 45.000.-/60.000.-
Temporary filling (medication closure) 9.500.-
Root canal removal/ (trepaning channel by channel) 5.500.-
Root canal treatment:
Trepanation (root canal opening) incisor/premolar/molar 5.500.-/7.500.-/8.500.-
Machine dilatation with closing (incisor/premolar/molar) 8.500.-/10.500.-/11.500.-
temporary root filling replacement/td> 5.500.-/6500.-/7.500.-
Machine root filling (incisor/premolar/molar) /Retrograd root filling 12.500.-/14.500.-/16.500.- /13.500.-
Soft Laser therapy 1.500.-
Laser root canal cleaning (canal/treatment) 2.500.-
Laser mucosal correction (per tooth) 8.500.-
Milk tooth removal (Simple / difficulty) 3.500.-/5.500.-
Milk tooth trepanation (root canal opening) 8.500.-
Milk tooth filling (white filling, to scale) 8.500.-/10.000.-/11.500.-
Furrow (per tooth) 7.500.-
Milk tooth grinding (per tooth) 4.500.-
Removable orthodontic appliance:
Handover of a removable device(simple, on a jawbone) 29.000.-
Handover of a removable device (bimaxillary for two jawbones) 70.000.-
Device activation, control (occasionally) 4.000.-
Fixed orthodontic appliance:
Handover of a fixed device (3M metal/porcelain, per jaw) 150.000.-/170.000.-
Handover of a fixed device (H4, P 21 metal/H4GO aesthetic, per jaw) 220.000.-/290.000.-
Tongue side – LITE (3-3); LITE(4-4) INCOGNITO (full line/jaw) 313.500.-/423.500.-/715.000.-
Control (occasionally, 1-/2 jaw) 5.500.-/9.000.-
Control H4 (occasionally, 1-/2 jaw) 10.000./17.000.-
Control – tongue side (occasionally, 1-/2 jaw) 15.000.-/30.000.-
Retainer/Retention device 9.500.-/15.000.-
Damon Splint /Face former/Aqua Lizer 30.000.-/25.000.-/15.000.-
Active plates/ oblique plane/ spot sustaining 7.500.-/15.000.-/15.000.-
Mini implant (for braces) 20.000.-/25.000.-
Special bite lifter/ K1 Myobrace 70.000.-/45.000.-
Tooth scale removal (per jaw) 8.000.-
Polishing by machine sandblasting (per jaw) 5.500.-
Parodontical splinting (per tooth) 18.500.-
A tooth curette (parodontal abscessus) 8.500.-
Tooth jewelery installation (+ price of selected jewelry) 14.000.-
Tooth whitening per tooth (inside-outside)/ jaw (with overnight rail) 9.000.-/33.500.-
Tooth whitening rail making (per jaw) 12.500.-
Tooth whitening toothpaste small/large/whitening syringe 1.000.-/3.000.-/5.200.-
IMPLANTATION-implantation of artificial root
Surgical fee 44.500.-
– Temporary NOBEL implant (piece) 40.000.-
– CORTEX implant (piece) 138.500.-
– ALPHA NEO implant (piece)/ CORTEX MAGIX implant (piece) 168.500.-
– NOBEL PARALLEL implant (piece) – newTiUltra surface 178.500.- instead of 197.500.-
– NOBEL ACTIVE implant (piece) – newTiUltra surface 197.500.- instead of 218.500.-
– ZYGOMA implant (piece) 395.500.-
Design template for GUIDE / NOBEL drilling template 70.000.-/275.000.-
Bone structure, lifting of the facial cavity, bone fracture Bone repair / membrane +44.500.-
Bone replacement material (CREOS) / bone scraping tool 49.500.-/dose/ 34.500.-
Membrane / Titanium membrane 24.000.-/125.000.-
Implant head-neck structure
– Temporary head and neck (piece) 19.500.-
– CORTEX head-neck / ALPHA BIO head-neck (piece) (screw fastening) 56.500.-
– NOBEL head-neck (piece) (screw fastening) 66.500.-
– Individual head-neck insertion / pier 45.500.-
– Angle correction screw(multi unit) 50.500.-
Fixed prostheses, also for implants
Crown and bridge member:
– handmade metal porcelain 48.500.-
– laser - sintered porcelain 68.500.-
– CAD-CAM zirconium porcelain 88.500.-
– temporary plastic dentures 18.500.-
– custom spoon 9.500.-
– 3D design template/ tooth test 35.000.-
Core buildup 7.500.-
Crown cutting (per member) 2.500.-
Parapulpal tap /Intrapulpal tap (piece) 7.500.-/10.500.-
Unique tap, tap abutment (metal) 23.500.-
Fixed replacements:
Crown and bridge member
– handmade metal porcelain 48.500.-
– laser sintered metal 68.500.-
– CAD-CAM zirconium frame with porcelain dissimulation 88.500.-
– temporary plastic surgeries / technical 9.500.-/18.500.-
Removable replacements:
Complete acrylate prosthesis / Temporary prosthesis 110.000.-
Partial sheet-metal prosthesis 144.500.-
Hidden anchorings (piece) 24.500.-
Telescope 50.000.-
Denture lining (hard and soft) 21.500.-
dentil repair (fractures, dentures, etc.) / Deposit Exchange 10.500.-/6.000.-
Bite lifter making 14.500.-
custom spoon making 9.500.-
Maryland / Clips (up to 2 teeth) 48.500.-/ 20.000.-
Crown re-gluing (per tooth) INLAY 5.000.-
Root apex resection (without root filling, per tooth) 44.500.-
Tooth removal (simple / general / difficulty-anesthesia)with surgical exploration 9.500.-/11.500.-/14.500.-/44.500.-
Alveolus Excochleatio (antibiotic treatment for wound pain after tooth extraction) 5500.-
Strip replacement, brushing 2.500.-
Incisio, Circumcisio, Freulektomia, Freulotomia 8.500.-
Orthodontic surgery (pew tooth) Fogreposicio, Replantatio (with railing, without root filling) 44.500.-
Closure of the nasal cavity (without tooth removal)/ Gingival surgery 38.500.-
Anesthesia (1 hour/1.5 hour/ 2 hour) 75.000.-/105.000.-/140.000.-
Narcotism 39.500.-
Gingival surgery 31.500.-

We work with the most modern and newest fabrics. We take full guarantee on all of our work. Please contact us to get an exact offer.